Example: Creating an infinite options bundle

The infinite options bundle works similarly to a single-price bundle. This means that the infinite options bundle carries the price of the bundle in orders, while the bundle items are priced at $0.00.  The only major difference is that the infinite options bundle accepts line item properties which allow customers to select specific bundle options without the use of variants on the bundle which is limited by Shopify's 100 variant limit. 

Before you create your bundle, please be aware of the infinite options bundle type limitations. In this example, we're using the Quad-uple-dog bundle from Petphoria built using Simple Bundles! 

Step 1

First, select the Shopify product that will become your bundle product. Next, select the  Infinite options bundle under Bundle type.

Step 2

Here, you'll configure your bundle options. You can think of bundle options as the dropdown title you want your customers to select from. In this example, the customer can choose 4 products from a list of options that make up the bundle. These dropdown option names are: Treat Flavor 1, Treat Flavor 2, Treat Flavor 3, and Treat Flavor 4. These options include "Chicken Nugs, Pup-kin Spice, Sweet Potato Bake, Turkey Banana Gobble, Blueberry Peanut Barker, Finest Lamb Liver Dog Treats, ... " and so on, which are entered under option values. To see what your options will look like, click on Preview bundle options. There is no limit to the number of options or combinations you can offer. 

To add more option values (not used in this example), select the "+" beside option values. 

Click Continue to add products once you've configured your bundle options. 

Step 3

Next, you'll select products to add to each of your bundle options. For Treat Flavor 1, add products to each of your option values. This means that each of your option values including "Chicken Nugs, Pup-kin Spice, Sweet Potato Bake, Turkey Banana Gobble, Blueberry Peanut Barker, Finest Lamb Liver Dog Treats, ..." will have a specific product associated with it so that when a customer purchases the bundle, the bundle contents are added to the order and subtracted from inventory. Continue to add products for all other option values. Once you're done, click Save

Step 4

Finally, install your Infinite options bundles template in your Preferences tab and follow the 3 simple steps on the install page. This step should take only 3 minutes and does not require you to add code yourself. 

If you want to further customize the default template, you can do so as well by editing the code directly on Simple Bundles. 

How Petphoria's Quad-uple-dog Bundle appears to customers

The options names appear above each dropdown, each with a set of option values. When the inventories for the products associated with each option values is depleted, e.g. Pomegranate coconut bones, the option is greyed out so that you don't oversell. 

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