Set up infinite options on Online Store 2.0

If you are currently using Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes, you can follow the steps below to add bundle infinite options to your product display pages. Make sure to create an infinite options bundle in the Simple Bundles app first. 

Step 1

Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes and click on Customize on either your current or draft theme. 

Step 2

Click on the "Homepage" page selector dropdown and search for the infinite options product bundle created. Select the product bundle from the search results.

Step 3

On the page, click on "Add block" and select the Bundles infinite options to automatically add the dropdown selects.

Step 4

On the right side of the page, you can change the default option placeholder for the dropdown "Please select an option".

Once added and completed, you can preview the dropdowns on your storefront by clicking on either "View" or "Preview" in the top left corner dropdown:

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