Shopify Bundle App Error: "This Bundle Product Is No Longer Managed by a Bundles App"

Shopify merchants might stumble over an error message in their product admin that says, "This Bundle product is no longer managed by a bundles app". This happens because Shopify doesn't support displaying bundle details on product pages, for Simple Bundle and Infinite Options bundle in 2.0 and if you have therequires_components flag turned on by the support team. So, Shopify indicates bundle data associated with the product, but specific information is missing, leading to a default message suggesting that the app is uninstalled, which is currently not accurate. On the other hand, we have provided this feedback to the Shopify support team.

In the future, the Simple Bundles app will gain the capability to take ownership of this card and display bundle details and components directly on the product page. Until then, this error message will be observed.

It's important to note that this error has no impact on order processing and fulfillment.

If you need help activating your bundles in the Admin, please feel free to reach out to our support team!

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