Setting up Shipping profiles for your bundle products in Simple Bundles 2.0

In Simple Bundles 2.0, the pricing of a bundle is distributed among its components, which are the items that comprise the bundle. Shipping calculations for bundles are typically managed by Shopify. To efficiently handle shipping for such bundles, it's, therefore, crucial to create shipping profiles for both the parent bundle and its child items. In this context, the calculation of shipping rates is centered on the child products within the bundle, in contrast to Simple Bundles V1.0, where it is based on the parent bundle.

To implement this setup, you would need to go to access "manage products" in your Shipping Profile and add each of these child items to the bundles.

Imagine you are selling a multipack bundle that consists of 12 pairs of socks. To set up the correct shipping configuration for this bundle, your shipping profile should include the individual child items, which, in this case, would be the 12 pairs of socks. These child items should be added to the "Manage Products" section within the configuration, ensuring that they are correctly associated with the bundle. As a result, it will ensure that the shipping rates and calculations for the multipack bundle accurately account for the 12 pairs of socks it contains.

Also, please be aware that following this procedure will remove your General Profile. This means that if customers purchase individual items separately, the General Profile will not be applied.

If you prefer to have all shipping calculations done at the parent bundle level, Simple Bundles 1.0 addresses this specific requirement.

Please reach out to our support team if you have more questions regarding your Shipping profile configuration in 2.0!

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