Ensuring high performance with Simple Bundles during peak traffic

If your Shopify store experiences high volumes of traffic or runs flash sales, it's crucial to ensure that your apps can handle such loads. Simple Bundles is designed to support your store during peak traffic periods and has undergone extensive stress testing with multiple Shopify Plus stores. We have refined our processes over years of Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) events to support high traffic without issues.

Simple Bundles Version 1.0

Simple Bundles 1.0 relies on Shopify's Order Edit API. Although this version is robust, it's important to be aware of potential API rate limits:

  • Rate limits awareness: Familiarize yourself with Shopify’s rate limiting policies. During high traffic periods, hitting these limits is a possibility due to asynchronous request handling.
  • Increase API rate limits: Before your high traffic event, consider requesting an increase in API rate limits through your Shopify representative. This adjustment helps prevent disruptions due to rate limiting.
  • Managing overages: If rate limits are reached, our app is equipped to handle the situation using standardized techniques like serializing the order edit tasks related to bundles. This approach may introduce delays in adding contents to the orders, depending on the volume and frequency of hits on rate limits.
  • Exponential back-off: Our system employs an exponential back-off strategy to retry requests that hit rate limits, thus minimizing the impact and optimizing the handling of requests.

Learn more about Shopify API rate limits.

Simple Bundles Version 2.0

With Simple Bundles 2.0, the core functionality runs directly on Shopify’s infrastructure, using Shopify Functions. This mitigates any rate limiting issues described in Version 1.0.

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