Example: Creating multi-packs with quantity options

Creating bundles with product variants is a great way to sell similar bundles that differ by size, colour, quantity, etc.

Creating multiple bundles under the same product type gives you the flexibility to create bundles with similar products that may differ by size, colour, quantity, etc. 

Creating bundles with product variants

1. Create a product that will become your bundle product on Shopify. There's no need to specify the quantity or price as you can adjust them later on Simple Bundles. 
2. Continue to add variants to your product and click Save.
3. Go to Simple Bundles and click Build bundle
4. Select the product you want as your bundle
5. Click Add products and select the product(s) you want to add to your bundle. For this product variant, I want to make a 4-pack bundle of chocolate bars. 
6. Edit the quantity and price of the item(s) you added to your bundle. To modify the inventory quantity of the bundle in Shopify, make sure you select the checkbox Update bundle inventory to {inventory qty} in Shopify
7. Repeat for your 8-pack and 12-pack variant bundles
8. View it on your storefront ✨ 
Note: the compare at price or "Sale" tag is optional and can be edited during bundle creation. 

What your customers see

Say, for example, your customer orders an 8-pack chocolate bundle...

What you see

When you view the order on Shopify, you can see the bundle product and the individual bundled SKUs. The individual SKUs are priced as $0 while the bundle is priced as the value you set in Simple Bundles.

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