Example: Creating a bundle with product variant options

Allow your customers to buy product bundles with multiple options such as size, style, colour, etc.

If you'd like to create a bundle with multiple options, start by creating your product and its options in Shopify. This product will later become your bundle in Simple Bundles.

In Shopify, go to the Variants section of the Add product page and select Add variant. Here, you can add in the options that your customers can select from. Here's an example.

I've created two options for this product. Option 1 has 3 sizes and option 2 has 5 styles. This means that I'll have 15 different combination or 15 different bundles that I'll have to build later in Simple Bundles.

Let our team know if you'd like us to bulk import your bundles to help you save some time!

Next, go to Simple Bundles and select Build bundle in the Bundles tab. Find the product you just created in the list. Once you select the product, you will also see that the combinations (all 15) of its options are selected as well. Click Add.

Now, you can start adding individual SKUs to each of the options. For this scenario, my bundle product is the Beeswax Food Wraps (3-pack). The two options selected are size: 3x3and style: Lemons. To add the individual SKU, Beeswax Food Wraps - Lemons (single 3x3), select Add products in the Products section and find the individual SKU, Beeswax Food Wraps - Lemons (single 3x3).

The individual SKU is now added to the bundle. For this example, I've set the quantity to 3 since the bundle is a 3-pack.

Note: if you are not selling these individual SKUs individually, make sure they are not available on your storefront and can only be sold as a bundle. Here's how you can set this up: Adding SKUs sold exclusively through bundles.

Here's what the customer would see on the storefront.

And here's what the customer would see after they've selected the options and added the bundle to cart.

On your Shopify admin, you'll see the bundle along withits individual SKUs.

Again, if you have multiple option combinations and thus, multiple bundles to build, let our team know! To save you time, we can help with bulk importing your bundles.

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