Example: Creating mystery boxes

Create mystery boxes without revealing box contents in your customers' order status pages.

In How do customers see orders that contain bundles? you can see that during checkout, customers see only the bundle product and not the bundle contents when they add the bundle to their cart.

However, when they get their order confirmation through email, they can click on View your order and see the bundle product and its contents on their order status page. For mystery bundles, you likely want to keep their contents a mystery until your customer receives the order.

Below is what the order confirmation email looks like by default.

Here's what it looks like when your customer clicks View your order.

To remove the individual bundled items that make up your mystery box, you can use JavaScript to hide the bundle contents on a customer's order status pages. You can do this in 5 min or less with no coding knowledge required!

Follow the instructions in How can I hide bundle contents on customer orders? to modify your order status page. If you'd like some help setting it up, please let us know!

The end result would look like the below.

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