Merging line item quantities with the same SKU on packing slips

add bundle infinite options to your product display pagesIf you would like to merge line items with the same SKU in separate bundles with total quantity, you can use the liquid snippet to replace your line item snippet in Shopify order packing slips. 

📝  Keep in mind that all products in orders (both bundle and non-bundled items) will REQUIRE an SKU for this packing slip template edits to work.

To edit the Shopify packing slips,

1. Navigate to the Settings section in Shopify and click on Shipping and delivery.

2. Scroll down to the Packing slip section and click on "Edit".

3. Replace the following line of code with the Github Gist provided.

You can find the code snippet here: Github Gist

In the line item list for loop, replace all instances of

  • line_item.shipping_quantity with total_shipping_quantity
  • line_item.quantity with total_quantity



Once you have added all the edits to the template, the line items should get merged.

Packing slip before edits

Packing slip after edits

You can also use this snippet in Order Printer by Shopify or Order Printer Pro as long as line_items_in_shipment has been modified based on the templates being used.

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