Limiting bundle quantities

You can control the number of bundles sold in two ways depending on whether you're tracking the inventory of your individual bundled SKUs. Learn more about product inventory tracking on Shopify.

If you're tracking inventory

If you're tracking your product inventory quantity, it means you have Track quantity enabled for your individual bundled SKUs on Shopify. Simple Bundles will automatically update your bundle inventory using the lowest SKU quantity so that there is always enough to build a bundle. Make sure you have the correct settings to allow Simple Bundles to automatically update your bundle inventory.

Since the bundle quantities are based on the inventory levels of your individual bundled SKUs, all you have to do is make sure that their inventory levels on Shopify reflect the amount of inventory you wish to sell for your bundles.

Example: Your bundle contains 3 products: 1 x Product A, 1 x Product B, and 2 x Product C. If you want to sell a limited edition bundle with only 10 of these bundles available, then you would need to make sure that you have 10 x Product A, 10 x Product B, and 20 x Product C on Shopify.

If you're not tracking inventory

If you're not tracking inventory, but would like to control the number of bundles you sell, make sure you do not have Enable automatic inventory sync for bundle quantities enabled (it is enabled by default).

In the Shopify Inventory section, find your bundle product and check Track quantity. Then, add the bundle quantity you wish to sell to the Edit quantity available field.

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