Hiding bundles from Shopify packing slips

Using Shopify product variant SKUs

To hide bundle SKUs in your Shopify packing slips, we want to first be able to target these specific SKUs appropriately. To do this, add a bundle SKU identifier on the product variant SKU by navigating to the product variant page in Shopify and updating the SKU. For this example, we will use "-BUNDLE" as the bundle identifier.

Once you have added the "-BUNDLE" to the SKU to all the bundle products, you can edit the packing slips in Shopify directly.

To do so:

1. Navigate to the Settings page in Shopify and click on "Shipping and Delivery"

2. Scroll down to the Packing Slip section and click on "Edit"

3. Find the line for line_item in line_items_in_shipment on the template and the following code snippet after the start of the For loop:

You can view the code snippet in this Github gist.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions regarding modifying Shopify packing slip template.

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