Why was my bundle or bundle content deleted automatically?

If you notice that a bundle has been deleted from the Simple Bundles app, try to locate it from the product variant page in Shopify using the app extension. If you see an error with "No bundle found" then the bundle was mostly likely deleted in Shopify as well.

When the actual product variant you may have used to build the bundle may no longer exist in Shopify, this, in turn, tells the app to delete the variant as well. This can happen if you go from one-to-one product to variant (Default title) to one-to-many product variants. This can also happen if you bulk update product variants in Shopify using CSV upload which sometimes leads to having the bundle variant deleted completely. Shopify mentions this in their help doc: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/import-export/import-products

To avoid issues like these in the future, our team recommends backing up your bundles by exporting them all when you have completed building your bundles: Bulk exporting bundle data. Our team can try to help restore the deleted bundle variant once we have the bundle export data. 

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