Request fulfillment of orders after bundle items are added

If your Shopify store is integrated with third-party logistics (3PL) or warehouse management software (WMS), you may need to automatically request the fulfilment of orders that contain bundle items. Automatic fulfillment requests may be required since bundle items are added after the order is created on Shopify. In this case, you'll see a "Request fulfillment" button in the Unfulfilled section of the order. 

To enable request fulfillment of bundle items in orders, 

1. Navigate to the Preferences tab in Simple Bundles

2. Scroll down to the Fulfillment section and enable "Request fulfillment for all order items"

3. Click Save to save the changes.

Now all the bundle orders should have the items requested to fulfill automatically and the fulfillment order will be shown as Fulfillment in progress.

The order timeline will also show the Simple Bundles app requesting fulfillment of the bundle items on the order from your 3PL or WMS custom app.

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