Enable single-SKU bundle content inventory sync without order edits

If you would like to disable the multi-SKU breakdown of bundle contents on orders, you can enable single-SKU inventory sync from the Bundle Inventory section under Preferences.

If you'd like, you can still show itemized bundle contents for single-SKU bundles, even if these items are not added to the Shopify orders with metafields.

Note: Bundle contents for single-SKU bundles will not be restocked if the order is returned. This is because the bundle contents are not added to the order for single-SKU bundles as they are for multi-SKU bundles. Since the bundle quantity is determined based on the available inventory of its bundle contents, the bundle quantity will also not be adjusted when it is restocked.

When the bundle is purchased by customers, only the inventory of the bundle contents will be adjusted or decremented by the quantity in the bundle. No bundle content line items are added to orders.

Single SKU setup in orders

For our example, let's take a tea pack bundle with a single product added to this bundle.

When this bundle is purchased no edits are made to the order and no bundle contents are added.

Instead, inventory adjustment is made on the bundle contents where the inventory is decremented by the appropriate amount to account for the bundle inventory sold.

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