Single-SKU bundle: Show itemized bundle contents on Shopify packing slips

If you are currently using the  Single-SKU bundle (inventory-only) configuration, you can still show the itemized bundle contents, even though these items are not added to the Shopify orders.

Step 1

With the use of Shopify Order metafields, the bundle contents can be listed with details like the image, title, SKU, and more. 

Since the order metafields are currently in the early-release phase, reach out to our team to enable order metafields on your account.

Step 2 

Once the order metafields have been enabled, you can edit your packing slip template in Shopify.

Add the following packing slip template to your current packing slip. Please make sure to back up your existing packing slip template in case you need to revert back to your previous template.

You can find the code snippet here.

Please reach out to our team if you need any assistance with packing slip template edits. 

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