Managing bundle inventory and fulfillment for stores with multiple locations

This article applies to Simple Bundles 2.0. If you're using Simple Bundles 1.0, refer to the article here.

When managing multiple store locations, the inventory for your bundles is determined by the availability of individual bundle items in each location. This requires that every location must have all the necessary items to create a bundle, ensuring that the bundle's contents can all be shipped together from the same location.

Ensure that the bundle product variant has the "Track quantity" option enabled and configured across multiple locations in Shopify. Additionally, make sure that all items within the bundle also have the "Track quantity" option enabled and the correct quantities specified for all locations you want to track.

Single-location bundle fulfillment and inventory for multi-location stores

To fulfill bundles from a single location, even when you're managing multiple store locations, ensure that the parent item is stocked exclusively at your preferred location. This approach will synchronize the inventory of the child items at this selected location with that of the parent item.

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