Using Simple Bundles with Shipstation

To view individual SKUs as line items in Shipstation, you need to go into your Shipstation admin to update modified Shopify orders.

In your Shipstation admin, click the Import button to pull new order data from Shopify. For more information, view the Shipstation help doc under the section Update modified Shopify orders. 

You'll see your bundle SKU along with your individual bundled SKUs in your order details. 

On ShipStation and other 3rd party apps, you can remove the virtual bundle and keep only the individual SKUs to be fulfilled by automatically fulfilling bundle SKUs. When the bundle is auto-fulfilled by Simple bundles, the bundle product will show a quantity of 0 on ShipStation. For more details, refer to ShipStation's help center article: updating modified Shopify orders.

You may also want to add an internal note to specify that a bundle SKU exists in the order. 

If you would like to remove your bundle contents on your packing slips you can mark the bundles and their variants as "Does not require shipping," this would stop them from being sent to Shipstation.

To do this you would just need to uncheck the "This is a physical product" under Shipping and click on save.

When you uncheck that box and save it, the customer will not be prompted to enter a shipping address and pay for shipping. I know it looks confusing because it is suggesting the product is not a physical product but really, it works for any product that doesn’t need to be shipped.

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