How Simple Bundles works with Freshly

Learn how you can track bundled products created on Simple Bundles using batches on Freshly.


Find the Freshly app on the Shopify app store here.

On Freshly, create batches for any products you plan to add to your bundle. You don't need to create batches for your bundle product.

Simple Bundles

Next, on Simple Bundles

  1. Choose an existing product as your product bundle on Simple Bundles
  2. Select existing products that will make up your bundle
  3. Save your new bundle

What you see on Freshly

Once you've created the bundle with the individual bundled products you want to track, you can see how the bundle will appear on your Freshly Orders page.

On Freshly, go to the Orders tab and select any order that contains a bundle. You'll see the bundle (not batch-tracked) and its products (batch-tracked).

To trace any product back to the batch it belonged, you can search for the batch name in your Inventory batches tab. Click on the "View # orders" button to view all the orders that contain the individual bundled product.

Find the Freshly app on the Shopify app store here.

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