Bundle type: Separately-priced items | Remove bundle SKU from order

By default, the  single-price bundle carries the price of the bundle in orders, while the bundle items are priced at $0.00 as shown below. As a result, the bundle product is added to the order along with the bundle items.

However, you may want to remove the bundle product from the order for accurate sales reporting or requirements of 3rd party integrations. There are several ways to remove your bundle product from your orders, including 

If all the above solutions do not work for your use case, you can consider changing your bundle type from a single-price bundle to separately-priced items. With this change, the price of the bundle would be carried by each of the individual bundle items rather than the bundle itself. 


  • This bundle type introduces complexities relating to and is not compatible with exclusive taxes and discount codes. Since taxes and discounts are calculated at the line item level and then rounded up before adding up the total, the price of the order may inflate by a few cents, which may lead to the order being marked as "Partially Paid". This does not affect the order calculation if your store uses inclusive taxes or VAT on your products. 
  • In addition, every bundle item which is replaced with the priced bundle items may show up as a returned product (NOT refunded) in your analytics in Shopify. This is a limitation with Shopify's analytics where when an order edit is made and an item is removed, this is categorized as a return by Shopify's analytics.
  • The bundle product will be marked as refunded on the Shop Pay app.
  • Separately priced item bundles rely on removing the bundle from the original order. For orders that aren't editable by the app, it will fail to add items to the associated order. We recommend using the "Duplicate existing order with bundle contents and cancel the existing order" for the Separately priced item bundle.
  • Separately priced item bundles are not compatible with subscription products in Shopify.

We strongly suggest thorough testing before bringing the bundle live. 

Setting up separately-priced items 

Step 1

Start building your new bundle from the Bundles tab. Once you've selected your bundle product and arrived on the bundle building page, you can select your bundle type. You'll see two options: single-price bundle and separately-priced items. In a single-price bundle, the bundle product carries the price of the bundle, while the bundle items are priced at $0.00. However, in a separately-priced bundle, the bundle product no longer exists in the order and the prices are instead carried by each of the bundle items. 

Select separately-priced bundle as your bundle type. 

Step 2

Once you've selected your bundle type, you can adjust each of the bundle item prices. You'll notice that the Price field will adjust according to the price of the individual items. Changes made to the item price will be reflected for this bundle only. Click Save. 

Step 3 

Lastly, test your bundle to make sure that it works the way you want on Shopify and on any other 3rd party integrations. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We're always happy to help! 

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