Simple Bundles 2.0 (General release - July 2023)

[July 26, 2023] Simple Bundles 2.0 is available. πŸŽ‰ An Introductory Guide to Simple Bundles 2.0

[July 21, 2023] Simple Bundles 2.0 is scheduled to be available to all merchants on July 26, 2023. Learn more about the differences between 1.0 and 2.0 here. It's important to understand the limitations of each version to make an informed decision on whether to stay on 1.0 or migrate to 2.0.

[June 13, 2023] We're making significant progress and are excited to announce that it will be available to you soon. However, we want to emphasize that the availability of the early release is still subject to the state and progress of Shopify's new bundles API.

We're working diligently to navigate through some complexities to ensure that Simple Bundles 2.0 meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

We're excited to announce that we'll be releasing Simple Bundles 2.0, which will significantly improve your bundling experience and resolve most of the biggest pain points we've heard from you.

This update will address several limitations, optimize workflows, and improve integration with 3PLs, order and inventory management software, and other 3rd-party software.

Simple Bundles 2.0 is set for general release in July 2023! Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for early access and help shape the future of bundles.

Key benefits of Simple Bundles 2.0

  • πŸ’₯ Immediate bundle content inclusion: Bundle contents will be directly added to orders, eliminating delays from order editing, and resolving issues with non-editable orders. This resolves any current limitations related to non-editable orders, such as multi-currency and local delivery orders, as well as orders placed through some channels and apps.
  • πŸ”’ Accurate sales analytics and streamlined VAT/accounting: Prices and discounts assigned to bundle contents will ensure accurate sales data. Simplified handling of VAT and accounting for individual bundle components will simplify financial processes.
  • 🀝 Better compatibility with 3rd-party software: Including 3PLs, order and inventory management software, and other 3rd-party software to streamline your workflows.

Flexibility and Control: Opting for Simple Bundles 2.0

Switching to Simple Bundles 2.0 will be entirely optional. If you decide to try Simple Bundles 2.0, your existing bundles will be saved so you can easily revert back if you wish. While using 2.0, functionalities for the original version will be paused. All existing features will remain unchanged and will continue to be fully supported.

Stay tuned for further updates on this development. We are incredibly excited to launch these new updates and enhance your experience with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team!

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How Simple Bundles 2.0 works

The most significant update in Simple Bundles 2.0 is the immediate breakdown of the bundle right after the checkout is initiated. This eliminates the need for order editing to add bundle contents. This immediate addition of bundle contents to the order has several positive downstream effects, including:

  • Resolving issues with non-editable orders, such as multi-currency, local delivery, and other channel orders, as we no longer rely on order editing to add the bundle contents.
  • No more delays in adding bundle contents, ensuring smooth flow of bundle contents to your third-party software or fulfillment teams.

When bundles appear in your Shopify admin > Orders, you'll see only the bundle contents instead of the parent bundle products and the bundle contents as before. This change also brings several positive downstream effects, such as:

  • Accurate sales reports.
  • The ability for VAT to be applied to each of the bundle items rather than the bundle itself.

We have additional features and improvements in store and will announce them as they become available.

Simple Bundles 2.0 compatible sales channels

For the early release version, Simple Bundles 2.0 will only be compatible with the Online Store sales channels.

If you are currently using third-party sales channels or Shopify POS, please let us know and we will let you know as soon as these channels are compatible with Simple Bundles 2.0.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to migrate to Simple Bundles 2.0 from 1.0, your store must meet the following requirements:
  • Your store must be using the Online Store sales channel. All other sales channels aren't supported.
  • You must unpublish all Shopify Scripts. This refers to ruby scripts that modify the checkout or cart experience and does not refer to JavaScript on your theme.
  • Your store and any apps leveraging bundles functionality must be using checkout extensibility.
  • Your store must not use any checkout.liquid customizations or features. Reverting to checkout.liquid will make your store incompatible with Simple Bundles 2.0.
The following examples present some of the reasons why 2.0 might not work with your store:
  • You're creating a draft order on behalf of a customer or if a B2B customer is submitting their orders as draft at checkout. These orders will continue to use the Simple Bundles 1.0 order editing functionality to add bundle contents to orders. Note that some orders may not allow for order editing.
  • You're using Shopify POS to sell your products in person in retail stores, popups, and other locations. These orders will use the order editing functionality to add bundle contents to orders.
  • These orders will continue to use the Simple Bundles 1.0 order editing functionality to add bundle contents to orders. Note that some orders may not allow for order editing.
  • You're trying to include or sell a bundle as a purchase option, such as a subscription, pre-order, or try-before-you-buy (TBYB).
Additionally, if you encounter the message "Shopify Bundles isn't available yet for this store," follow the checklist below to ensure compatibility:
  1. Unpublish any Shopify Scripts that your store hasn't installed or never had.
  2. Ensure that your store isn't utilizing checkout.liquid customizations or features. Using the original checkout.liquid can result in your store being incompatible with Bundles.
  3. Confirm that your store isn't employing payment gateways and apps which might force an unsupported version of checkout. This includes:
    • Global-e
    • Licensify
    • Exemptify
    • Recharge Subscriptions

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