Implications of the Meta Sale Channels: Facebook and Instagram

There are two main implications of using these channels along with our app

  • Order Cancellation Notifications: If you’re using the Meta sales channel (Facebook and Instagram), your customers may receive a canceled order notification when our app cancels an order because it needs to edit it
  • Payout Issues: There may be issues getting payouts from this channel if the orders are canceled/not fulfilled.


Shopify extends its functionality to other sales channels besides online checkout. Among them, you’ll find the Meta sale channels, Facebook and Instagram. Our app is fully integrated with these channels, but as the orders placed using them can’t be edited, our app needs to create associated or duplicated orders.

Additionally, the Shopify platform has a series of notification emails that are sent automatically to you, your staff account, and your customers, depending on specific conditions.


Regularly, when our app has to edit an order, it uses one of the following paths: creating an associated order or duplicating. In normal conditions, none of these processes will send an extra confirmation email to your customers or yourself. However, a cancellation email will be sent to your customers when the order comes from the Meta sales channels. Kindly note we can’t change this behavior as this is how this sale channel works by default.

Related to the payouts, whenever an order is placed using it, it gets the hold status for around 5 minutes, but this time can increase to 24 hours (please refer to this Shopify article). This behavior may cause issues if the orders are canceled/not fulfilled.  


If this sale channel is crucial for your business, we recommend using the associated orders option. This way, the original order won’t be canceled. Furthermore, we recommend the Single-SKU option. By doing this, you’ll be able to see the bundle content in the packing slip and avoid any side effect that comes from the default behavior of this sales channel. 

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