Making Simple Bundles compatible with your Shopify POS

When using Shopify POS, it is crucial to have order edits enabled. When orders are auto-archived, Simple Bundles cannot edit orders on Shopify. Follow these simple steps to disable auto-archiving:

Navigate to the Fulfillment section in the app on the Preferences tab. Enable Only fulfill bundle contents for Shopify POS orders. This should mark all bundle contents as fulfilled only for Shopify POS transactions is complete.

Integrating Simple Bundles with Shopify POS

All bundle types are compatible with Shopify POS. The following applies only if you are using the infinite options bundle type.

Since the infinite options bundle type does not rely on using Shopify's variants, you need to add the Simple Bundles tile to your POS smart grid in order to customize bundle options.

Alternatively, you can use any other product options app, such as ShopPad's Infinite Options, as long as it has a POS extension. Ensure that the product options you set up in the separate app match the ones you have created in Simple Bundles.

Selling bundles through POS only

If you want to restrict the sale of your product bundle exclusively to the POS channel, you can do so by going to your bundle product in Shopify, clicking on "Manage," then "Manage Sales Channels," and selecting only "Point of Sale" as your sales channel. 

If you have any other questions regarding your POS setup, reach out to our team over email and we’re happy to help.

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