Integrating the Simple Bundles App with your Shopify POS

Simple Bundles for Shopify POS - Released May 2023

To sell infinite options bundles to your customers in store, add the Simple Bundles app tile to your Shopify POS smart grid. This will allow you to select bundle options according to your customers' preferences.

First, ensure that your Shopify settings are configured to allow compatibility with the Simple Bundles app and your Shopify POS.

The POS app extension for infinite options bundles is only available on the paid plans

Steps to add the Simple Bundles tile to POS:

Add the "Select bundle options" tile
  1. Navigate to your Shopify POS home, and select Add tile.
  2. Click on Add app.
  3. Choose Simple Bundles & Kits, then click Add. The Simple Bundles tile should now be visible in your POS smart grid.
POS smart grid

How to use the Simple Bundles app with POS:

  1. At checkout, proceed to add products and bundles to the cart as usual.
  2. If you've included any infinite options bundles in the cart, click on your Simple Bundles app to select the available options in your infinite options bundle.
  3. View the selected bundle options in cart.

Troubleshooting: Bundles not appearing in the app?

  1. Select "Reload" from the top bar of the app.
  2. Ensure that the desired bundle product has been added to your cart.
  3. Verify that the bundle in question is an infinite options bundle. This app only facilitates the selection of options for infinite options bundles. All other bundle types can be selected by choosing the variants of your bundle.

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