Example: Creating prepacks and case packs for wholesale

If you sell wholesale inventory, you may be selling your products in prepacks or case packs. Prepacks are commonly used by apparel wholesale vendors and are typically packages of one item based on size runs. Common pre-packs include 2-2-2 (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large), or 1-2-2-1 (1 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 1 extra-large). With Simple Bundles, you can build prepacks by selecting the size variants. 

Step 1

Start by creating a basic product on Shopify. This will be the product that you'll later assign as your prepack on Simple Bundles. In this example, I've named the product,  Sweater (Auric Gold) Prepack 2-2-2. This means that the wholesale customer would expect to receive this prepack with 2 x Small, 2 x Medium, and 2 x Large sweaters. 

Separately, you should also have your sweater product created with different size variants. In this case, my size variants are Small, Medium, and Large. Later on Simple Bundles, these size variants will be added in their respective quantities to your prepack product. If you're tracking inventory, make sure to add your inventory quantities for each size variant so your bundle quantity can be calculated based on the available quantities of its contents.

If you don't want this product to be sold individually, uncheck all options under  Sales channel and apps

Step 2

Next, go into your Simple Bundles app and click, Build bundle. Search for your prepack product that you created on Shopify and click, Add

Step 3

Now, you can start adding size variants to your prepack product. Click Add product and select your product including its size variants. Once you've added the size variants, you can modify their quantities to reflect the sizes you want in your prepack. In this example, I've added 2 x Small, 2 x Medium, and 2 x Large sweaters. The bundle value will also be calculated automatically to reflect the value of the products in your prepack. The bundle quantity will also be updated based on the available quantities of its contents and the quantity of each variant in your prepack. 

Step 4

Lastly, test out your prepack! See Testing a bundle on your store. Depending on your theme, your prepack may appear a bit differently. Once your customers add their prepack to cart and checkout, you'll be able to see all the sizes and quantities in their Orders on your Shopify Admin. 

If you only want to sync bundle content inventory without order editing, go to your Preferences > Bundle inventory, and unselect Enable single-SKU bundle content inventory sync without order edits

If you have any questions about building prepacks, let our team know! 

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