How is the price calculated for bundles and their contents?

Bundle price calculation

In Simple Bundles, the price of a bundle can either be manually set in the bundle editor or automatically adjusted based on the total value of its individual contents or child products. This feature is enabled by selecting the Sync bundle price based on the value of its contents option in your bundle editor.

Below, we walk through an example with a Simple Bundle type. However, the way the price is distributed proportionally based on the original price of the bundle contents applies to both the Simple Bundle type and the Infinite Options bundle type.

Example: Discounted bundle pricing

Discounting the bundle price allows you to provide your customers with better value for their money by offering discounted bundles while increasing your average order value (AOV).

Let's go through an example: if you have a bundle worth $100 and decide to offer a 20% discount, the price adjustment is propagated to each child item within the bundle.

Here's how it works:

  • Assume the bundle includes two products, both originally priced at $50, making the total bundle price $100.
  • If you decide to offer a 20% discount on the bundle, the price adjustment is applied to each child item.
  • Consequently, the new price for each item becomes $40 (i.e., $50 - 20%), reducing the total price for the bundle to $80.

This calculation is done automatically when the Sync bundle price based on the value of its contents option is enabled.

Bundle editor with bundle discounted to 20%
What your customers see on your bundle product page. Optionally, the compare at price can be set
What your customers see at checkout

Viewing the bundle price and breakdown

After the calculations, the customer will see the total discounted price for the bundle in their shopping cart. On your end, as the vendor, you can view the breakdown of the bundle in your Orders page. You'll see the two child products listed separately, each priced at $40, rather than the bundle product itself.

This method ensures that the customer sees the total bundle price, while you are able to see the price breakdown per product within the bundle.

What you see in the Orders page on your Shopify admin

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