Comparing Simple Bundles & Shopify Bundles

When it comes to choosing the perfect bundle app for your store, it all boils down to your bundling requirements and your store setup. In this article, we'll walk you through the differences between Simple Bundles and Shopify's Bundles app so that you can make a well-informed decision before making the switch.

Simple Bundles vs. Shopify Bundles

Both apps are designed to be user-friendly and simplify the process of managing bundles for seamless order fulfillment. Below, we list the features offered by each app and their respective availability.

Feature Simple Bundles Shopify Bundles
Mix-and-match bundles and dropdown components on themes Yes No
Infinite Options Bundles (exceed Shopify's 100 variant and 3 option limit) Yes No
Fixed bundles and case packs Yes Yes
Advanced configurations for bundles with variant options Yes No
Bundle bulk export and import via CSV or automatically using Google Sheets Yes No
Sync parent bundle price based on child product prices Yes No
Adjust and distribute bundle price proportionally across child products Yes No
Edit compare-at price for bundle deals based on the price of child products Yes No
Turn existing products into bundles to maintain product page SEO Yes No
Customized packing slips and customer confirmation emails Coming soon No
Automatically add bundle content details to bundle product pages Yes No
Access bundle details in orders using Shopify metafields Yes No
Bundle analytics Yes No

Supports bundles sold through sales channels

E.g. Amazon, Shop, Shopify POS, and orders by 3rd party apps

Supports Shopify's online store checkout using Functions. Supports all other sales channels via order editing Supports only Shopify's online store checkout using Functions.

Simple Bundles provides extensive flexibility in creating and managing bundles, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements. Learn more about building your first bundle on Simple Bundles.

Simple Bundles' bundle editor

On the other hand, Shopify Bundles offers a straightforward solution for grouping products together to meet your basic bundling needs.

Shopify Bundles' bundle editor

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