How are bundle contents added to orders?

The process of adding bundle contents to orders in Simple Bundles depends on whether you're using Simple Bundles 1.0 or 2.0. We outline two primary methods used for integrating bundle contents into orders: the Cart Transform API and the order editing method.

Adding bundle contents into orders ensures precise inventory tracking and facilitates error-free, streamlined order fulfillment.

Simple Bundles 1.0

In the 1.0 version, the child products (the individual items that make up a bundle) are added to the order after checkout using the order editing method.

Simple Bundles 2.0

In the 2.0 version, child products are added at checkout and sometimes post-checkout, depending on how the order was created. This dual-method approach, using the Cart Transform API (a Shopify Function) and order editing, ensures child products are included when a customer purchases a parent bundle.

Note: If you're using Simple Bundles 2.0 and your only sales channel is the online store checkout, you do not need to worry about these two methods. Only the Cart Transform API is used to add child products at checkout.

Why are both methods used in Simple Bundles 2.0?

This is because the Shopify API that supports the Cart Transform API function currently only works with the Online Store checkout sales channel. However, Shopify is expected to expand this API's support to other sales channels in the future. Until then, to accommodate other sales channels like Shop, Shopify POS, Amazon, and 3rd party app orders (like Recharge Subscriptions, Skio Subscriptions), the order editing method is applied post-checkout. Learn more about bundles offered as subscriptions.

The Cart Transform API method

The Cart Transform API is a Shopify Function. This method breaks down the parent bundle into its child products at checkout. For orders placed through the online store, the child products will immediately show up without the parent bundle product in your 'Orders' tab in your Shopify admin dashboard. Since only the child products are included in the order, the child products carry the price of the bundle. The bundle price is allocated across child products with any price adjustments allocated proportionally.

The Cart Transform API method. The order contains the child products (without the parent bundle). The price is assigned to the child products.

The order editing method

This method, applicable to both Simple Bundles 1.0 and 2.0, breaks down the parent bundle into child products after the order has been created. For this to work, the bundle must be editable for Simple Bundles to add child products. After the order is created, Simple Bundles adds the child products to the order along with the bundle product. Since the price is assigned to the bundle product, the child products have a 100% discount applied.

In certain instances when orders cannot be edited, an associated order is created, containing the bundle contents. This associated order will also carry a note pointing to the original order number of the bundle.

The order editing method. The child products, along with their parent bundle, are added to the order. The price is assigned to the parent bundle, and the child products are discounted by 100%.

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