How to use Simple Bundles with PageFly

If you're using PageFly to create custom product pages for their Shopify stores, you can use PageFly's integration to drag and drop Simple Bundle's infinite options bundle element to your product bundle page with styling customizations. This integrations works for both Simple Bundles 1.0 and 2.0.

Step 1

From the left menu, navigate to "Extra Function". Here, choose "Integrations" and then click on "Manage Integrations".

Step 2

In the search bar, type in “Simple Bundles & Kits” and then proceed to activate it.

Step 3

Return to the PageFly page editor. From the left toolbar, select "Add third-party elements". Now, click on "Simple Bundles & Kits", pick the element and drag it onto your editor page.

Step 4

You can customize some parameters in the Styling tab, such as margin, border style, opacity, shadow, overriding theme styling, and CSS code area. You can check more information about the Styling tab.

PageFly page editor

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