Using Simple Bundles on your Shop store

About Shop

The Shopify Shop sales channel opens up a new sales channel for you to sell your products to over 125 million customers who are already using the app. It provides a seamless mobile experience without the need for you to build a separate mobile app. The sales channel allows you to recommend products, send customer notifications, and enable package tracking, offering a complete end-to-end mobile shopping experience. ✨

It's free to use for any store on the Shopify Starter plan or higher and requires very little or no set up time. To have your store displayed in Shop, there are certain requirements your store must meet.

What's a Shop Mini?

Shop Minis allow Shopify apps to bring their features directly into the Shop app. Like apps on the Shopify app store that add to your online storefront, Shop Minis enhance the functionality of your Shop store in the Shop app.

Why use Simple Bundles Mini on Shop?

Starting June 26th, all bundles built using Simple Bundles will be compatible with Shop. With the Simple Bundles Shop Mini, you'll be able to grow your bundle sales and increase your average order value (AOV) on a new sales channel, while streamlining your fulfillment processes by breaking down bundles into their child items.

Simple Bundles allows you to create infinite options bundles to surpass Shopify's limitations of 100 variants and 3 options per product. Since infinite options bundles do not use Shopify's native variants, the Shop Mini is required to add bundle option selectors on the Shop app which enables your customers to customize their bundles.

Other bundle types (on both Simple Bundles versions 1.0 and 2.0) use Shopify's native product variants, which means your bundles will work automatically on the Shop app without needing the Shop Mini.

How do I start selling bundles on Shop?

đź’ˇTip: You can also set product availability by channel in bulk by selecting multiple bundles in your bundles list on Simple Bundles and selecting Bulk edit on Shopify.

Publish bundles on Shop in bulk or individually
Publish bundles individually on Shop from Shopify admin > Products

Starting June 28th, you'll be able to publish all bundles to Shop with the click of a button. To start selling bundles on Shop, go to Bundle availability on Shop in your settings page and select Publish on Shop. To stop selling bundles on Shop, select Unpublish on Shop. This setting will apply to all bundles, but you can manage sales channel settings for each product individually or in bulk from your Shopify admin.

Publish all bundles on Shop from Simple Bundles > Settings

Installing Simple Bundles Shop Mini

If you already have the Simple Bundles app, you'll automatically have the Simple Bundles Mini on your Shop store. If you're new to Simple Bundles, you can install Simple Bundles from the Shopify app store or follow these steps to install the Simple Bundles Shop Mini.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to the menu bar > Sales channels
  2. Navigate to Shop > Minis
  3. Click Add next to the Simple Bundles Shop Mini

What changes should I expect to see?

If you’re not seeing these changes in the Shop app, you may need to update your app.

  • If you’re using Simple Bundles 2.0: All bundle types (simple bundle and infinite options bundle type) will be compatible with Shop. This means that all bundles will be broken down into their components as they are added to the cart. For infinite options bundles, the selector widget which allows your customers to mix-and-match their bundle options will also appear for your customers.
  • If you’re using Simple Bundles 1.0: All bundle types (single-priced bundle, separately-priced bundle, and infinite options bundles) will be compatible with Shop. Single-priced bundles and separately-priced bundles have always been compatible since bundle breakdown happens after the order has been created. For infinite options bundles, the selector widget which allows your customers to mix-and-match their bundle options will also appear for your customers.
  • Cart validation: For infinite options bundles, a cart validation process ensures that customers have selected all necessary options for their bundle.


The Simple Bundles Mini is available for all merchants. Please ensure your store meets Shop's eligibility requirements.

Questions or feedback?

We're just getting started and have more in store for our Shop Mini. If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to know at 


Why can't I see my bundles on Shop after publishing them?

If you’re not seeing these changes in the Shop app, you may need to update your app the the latest version.

Why do I need to install a separate app, aka "Mini"?

Your online store and Shop storefront operate separately. If you're currently using the Infinite Options bundle type, you need to add a selector to your product page on your online store. However, this bundle cannot be sold on your Shop sales channel unless the component is also added to your Shop storefront. The Mini feature allows you to continue using the Simple Bundles app, enabling your bundles to be sold on your Shop storefront.

Why is my inventory different on Shop vs my other sales channels?

In some instances, you may need to resync your bundle and its child products' inventory with the Shop app. To resync inventory,

  1. Re-save the bundle
  2. In settings, go to bundle inventory and click Resync all bundle quantities

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