Infinite Options bundle validation for Online Store and Shop app

Simple Bundles is now compatible with Shopify's Shop app. However, if a customer has not updated the Shop app version, there may be an issue with our Infinite Option bundle type. The selectors may not be showing on the product page, leading customers to check out a bundle without the selections and, hence, not include the bundle items on the order.

The ultimate solution for them is to update the Shop app to the latest version, but in the meantime, to prevent any issues with orders on your side, we've included a checkout rule so you can manually create and enable. This rule will block the purchase at checkout of any bundle with no selections.

This rule will also block checkout in any other sale channel other than Shop App and the Online store. So if you use any other like POS (and possibly Meta) we don't recommend enabling the rule.

The rule will work for all Simple Bundles app versions.

✨ We recommend enabling the checkout rule on every store that is published on the Shop app and does not have a POS.

Steps to enable the rule:

  1. Access Shopify admin:
  • Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  • Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of the admin panel.
  1. Access checkout settings:
  • Select Checkout from the settings menu.
  1. Add checkout rule:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the checkout settings page.
  • Click on Add rule.

  1. Select Infinite Options Bundle cart validation:
  • From the dropdown menu, select Infinite Options bundle cart validation.
  • This rule ensures that options are selected for the bundle before checkout.

  1. Save the rule:
  • Click on Save to apply the rule.
  1. Enable the rule:
  • Toggle the rule On to activate it.

  1. Test on Online Store or Shop App:
  • Verify that the validation works on the Shop App.
  • Ensure customers see the validation message if options are not selected.

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