Comparing Simple Bundles & ShipStation Product Bundles

While Simple Bundles integrates smoothly with ShipStation, it's important to understand how ShipStation's native product bundles features differ from those of Simple Bundles.

When comparing Simple Bundles and ShipStation product bundles, both platforms reference individual products in an order under a bundled product SKU for consolidated processing and shipping. However, there are distinct differences in features offered by each.

This comparison highlights key differences in features between Simple Bundles 2.0 and ShipStation, which could impact the decision-making process depending on specific needs and workflow requirements.

Feature Simple Bundles 2.0 ShipStation
Support for infinite options bundles Yes No
Partial component based refunds Yes, learn how to return, refund and restock items in a bundle. No
Support for COGs reports Yes No
Component weight-based shipping Yes, since shipping is calculated at checkout. No, since shipping is calculated after checkout.
Bulk upload for adding and editing bundles Yes No
Allows for bundles within bundles Yes, up to 10 levels No
Calculation of bundle VAT Yes, since VAT is calculated based on each item in the bundle at checkout. No, since VAT is calculated based on the single bundle price at checkout.

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