Example: How To Create A "Buy 1 Get 1" (BOGO) Bundle

Create the most common bundle promotion — BOGO — for your store where you offer an exact product for free to the customer that purchases a product. 

Step 1

Same as setting up your mix-and-match bundle or even when you set up your bundle with product variant options, start by creating your product for your BOGO promotion and its product options in your Shopify store. 

In Shopify, go to the Variants section of the Add product page and select Add variant. Here, you can add in the options that your customers can select from. See the example below.

In the example above, the product is for a Gemstone Necklace that has two different colors (Blue and Purple). So in this bundle, your customer can choose freely which color of the necklace he/she can get for free. You may adjust your product option and variants depending on the bundle you are offering.

Step 2

After creating your product in Shopify, you can now build your bundle in Simple Bundles. Find the product you created. Select the product along with the product variants available. 

Step 3

Proceed now in adding individual SKUs to each of the options. As for the example, you have to pull the individual SKU for Gemstone Necklace Blue and Purple.

Click each of the Bundle Variant, add Products in the Product section and locate each of the individual SKU.

Let's just say for example, that you only want your customer to get the same color of the Gemstone he/she initially purchased:

  • Example: Buy 1 Gemstone Necklace Get 1(free), the customer chose Blue, get (Blue) for free
  • Example: Buy 1 Gemstone Necklace Get 1(free), the customer chose Purple, get (Purple) for free

Then, what you can do is you only add the individual SKU of the specific color and not include the other one when you add your product in Simple Bundles.

Step 4

Don't forget to adjust the quantity of each of the individual SKUs and the price of the bundle!

Note: If you are selling these individual SKUs exclusively via a bundle, make sure they are not available on your storefront and can only be sold as a bundle. Here's how you can set this up: Adding SKUs sold exclusively through bundles.

Here's what your customer should see on the storefront.

And here's what the customer would see after they've selected the options and added the bundle to the cart.

Now, you are able to start your BUY 1 GET 1 (BOGO) bundle in 4 Simple Steps! Let us know if you need help and if you have more questions. Send us an email at hello@simplebundles.io.

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