Bundle type: Infinite options bundle | add unlimited bundle options without variants

The infinite options bundle works similarly to a single-price bundle. This means that the infinite options bundle carries the price of the bundle in orders, while the bundle items are priced at $0.00 as shown below. As a result, the bundle product is added to the order along with the bundle items. The only major difference is that the infinite options bundle accepts line item properties which allow customers to select specific bundle options without the use of variants on the bundle and possibly being limited by Shopify's 100 variant limit.

  • This bundle type introduces inflation of discounts relating to Shopify analytics. Since every bundle item added to the order has a 100% discount applied, the analytics report will show an inflated discount rate and will not be attributed back to the bundle price. This discount inflation affects Cost of Goods (COG) reports and profit margin reports.
  • This bundle type also does not utilize Shopify variants. As a result, finer price control for each bundle permutation isn't currently possible. 
  • Inventory is updated in an inverse fashion compared to other bundle types, where the maximum available quantity is set on the bundle and instead each dropdown is set based on the lowest available quantity and disabled when that option is out of stock. This means that it is possible to oversell a product to a single customer if they were to add multiple quantities of the bundle and the option had one available at the time of purchase.
  • This bundle type also double counts sales of the bundle and their items in Shopify analytics. This is a current limitation in Shopify analytics and sales of items cannot be linked or attributed to other items in the orders, i.e., linking the sale of bundles to their corresponding contents. 

Note: If these reports are crucial for your internal teams, we recommend switching your bundle to Single-SKU bundles (inventory only) where inventory adjustments are made by the app and no bundle contents are added to orders.

Note:  Infinite options bundle product options are only compatible with Shopify's online store and point-of-sale (POS). Other sales channels like the Shop app are not currently supported. 

Setting up an infinite options bundle

Step 1

Start building your new bundle from the Bundles tab. Once you've selected your bundle product and arrived on the bundle building page, you can select your bundle type. In an infinite options bundle, you can configure line item properties to bypass the use of variants. In addition, the bundle product carries the price of the bundle, while the bundle items are priced at $0.00 in Shopify orders.

Select infinite options bundle as your bundle type. 

Option Groups

If you want mutually exclusive options to yield a product or a specific set of products, add options in multiple options groups as shown below.

This will yield separate option groups that can be used to add products to.


If you want the combination of multiple options to yield a product or a specific set of products, add options inside a single options group as shown below.

This will yield a combination of options within the same option group that can be used to add products to.

Preview bundle options

Click on  Preview bundle options to view what the options will look like to your customers when the simple-bundles template is enabled on your products.

Step 2

Once you've selected your bundle type and configured the options/options groups, you can add product to each option generated as a result. Make sure to click Save as you are working and updating the bundle.  

Step 3

Lastly, test your bundle to make sure that it works the way you want on your Shopify store once the options have been added to your products pages. Follow the instructions here to install the infinite option bundles on your new product template.

Once you select the options and click on add to cart, make sure the options are show in the cart and in the checkout under the product section.

When checkout is complete, you should see an order created with the bundle with the line item properties and the appropriate bundle contents added to orders.

You can also set up bundle options using other third-party apps like infinite options by ShopPad. See below for a quick walk-through on how to do this.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We're always happy to help! 

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