Demo store guide

Welcome to Simple Bundles! This guide is your key to navigating our demo store, selecting the ideal version for your needs, and exploring the bundle options available to you.

Explore our demo store

Our demo store showcases the capabilities of Simple Bundles V2.0 through the online store. However, the true capabilities of Simple Bundles occur behind the scenes and are best tested through your own Shopify Admin. To enter the store, enter the password: "1"

🛍️ Simple Bundles Demo store 🗝️ Password: 1

Actions to try:

  • Add different bundle types to cart
  • Continue to the checkout screen to see how bundle contents are broken down and displayed.
  • View how bundle discounts are applied at checkout.

Choosing between Simple Bundles V1.0 and V2.0

Our detailed comparison of V1.0 and V2.0 will help you in making an informed decision to determine which version aligns best with your store's needs. Our support team is here to help if you'd like any personalized advice.

👉 An Introductory Guide to Simple Bundles 2.0

Testing 3 different bundles types

There are three different types of bundles: fixed bundles, multipacks, and mix-and-match bundles. For step-by-step video instruction on how to build each bundle and how they appear on your storefront, visit the following link:

👉 Building fixed bundles, multipacks, and mix-and-match bundles

You can find each example in the demo store:

  1. A Typical Fixed Bundle
  2. A Typical Multipack
  3. Mix-and-match Bundle
    1. A Typical Mix-and-match Using the Simple Bundle Builder
    2. A Typical Mix-and-match using the Infinite Options Builder

Why choose Simple Bundles

Break down bundles into individual SKUs for real-time inventory syncing and easy order fulfillment.

  1. Bundle building made simple: Craft various types of bundles, such as mix-and-match bundles, multi-packs, subscription bundles, bundle deals, volume discounts, wholesale packs, and more with a user-friendly bundle editor. 
  2. Infinite options bundle type: Offer bundles with infinite choices, surpassing Shopify’s limit of 100 variants (2,000 variants if you’re a Plus merchant).
  3. Order breakdown: Simplifies order processing by splitting bundles into individual items and keeping inventory up-to-date to prevent overselling.
  4. Backend focus: Adds little to no front-end load to Shopify themes, prioritizing backend efficiency. This makes it ideal for Hydrogen-based Shopify stores.
  5. Advanced order & inventory management: Manage orders and track bundle and content inventory in real-time with advanced fulfillment rules and across multiple locations.
  6. Dedicated Bundle Page: Treat bundles like any other product to improve discoverability and encourage bundle reviews.
  7. Shopify POS integration: Sell bundles easily in retail locations.
  8. Bulk import: Save time by building bundles in a spreadsheet and uploading.
  9. Nested bundles: Create complex bundles within bundles, up to ten levels.
  10. Integrations: Sync with 3PL, WMS, shipping software, subscription apps, and more for seamless operations.
  11. Metafields: Access bundle or order metafields to relay information to other software.

More questions?

Email us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can within the next 24 hours. If you haven’t already, you might also want to check out the resources on our Help Center – it's got tons of product info and answers to many frequent questions. 

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Bundle examples built using Simple Bundles ✨

Bodily - The Do Anything Bra: 3-Pack; Built using the infinite options bundle type with custom styling
Bodily - The Do Anything Bra: 3-Pack; At checkout, bundles are broken down into individual SKUs
FourAll: 12-Pack Sampler; Built using the infinite options bundle type
Bokksu: Gift Bokksu Snack Box; Built using the simple bundle type; Compatible with subscription apps
Cocofloss: Happiness Set; Built using the simple bundle type; Compatible with subscription apps
Thousand: The Communter Kit; Built using the simple bundle type; Showcasing a bundle discount

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